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江南大学网络教育专升本大学英语入学测试模拟卷-词汇 (共65题)

1.How risk it is! _______, thanks God, you are safe.

A.Anyhow B.Anywhere C.Somehow D.Somewhat

2.As there is not much time left, Tom tells that story _______.

A.in detail B.in short

C.in all D.in brief

3.What an unlucky day it is! I _______ the train and _______ my umbrella at the station.

A.missed; forgot B.forgot; lost

C.missed; left D.lost; forgot

4.What he said_______ me and I got angry.

A.broke B.hurt C.wounded D.damaged

5.We can not judge people solely by their_______ .

A.look B.beauty C.expression D.appearance

6.As he finished his speech, the audience burst _______ thunderous applause.

A.in B.into C.out D.upon

7.When we plan our summer vacation, father often offers_______ suggestions.

A.effective B.practical C.careful D.acceptable

8.Mike, did it ever_______ to you that you would be punished for being late?

A.happen B.occur C.reflect D.strike

9.I stay home today not _______ the rain, but _______ I am tired.

A.because; because

B.because of; because of

C.because; because of

D.because of; because

10. —Why didn’t you tell him the good news?

A.before B.until C.when D.after

11.When his shoes _______, Tom just throws them away.

A.come to an end

B.are put to use

C.are used up

D.wear out

12.Our family prepares a party to_______ my grandpa’s 80th birthday.

A.celebrate B.welcome C.calculate D.remember

13._______ you are free, why not go shopping with us?

A.Because B.Since C.As D.For

14.He suggested the conference be _______ because of the bad weather.

A.put away B.put up

C.put down D.put off

15.—_______ do you visit Mr. White?

A.How soon B.How often

C.How long D.When

16.An _______ happened last month on Highway 105.

A.incident B.accident C.affair D.event

17. We should _______ arms and began to fight against the invaders (侵略者).

A.take on B.lay down

C.take up D.shoulder

18. Before dinner the professor made a short _______to the guests.

A.delivery B.pronunciation

C.conversation D.speech

19. Thomas learned many Tang dynasty poems _______ when he was very young.

A.by heart B.by mind

C.by the way D.by book

20. Will you_______ me the favor to take down the pictures on the wall?

A.give B.do C.make D.bring

21. He heard nothing _______this matter.

A.concerned B.conception C.concerning D.revealing

22.The bottle_______ 500 milliliters.

A.is B.refers C.covers D.contains

23.Marry could not _______ her dislike for that proud young man.

A.overthrow B.overcome C.defeat D.overtake

24.Companies must consider how they_______ data so that their employees can find it quickly.

A.classify B.recognize C.store D.accumulate

25.We are _______ making a schedule for the sports meeting.

A.planning B.considering

C.thinking D.supposing

26.To be a nurse _______ endurance and patience.

A.asks for B.calls for

C.looks for D.pays for

27.Mr. Li usually writes his_______ on the margin (页边空白处) of our compositions.

A.comments B.words C.review D.command

28.How could they draw different_______ from the same facts?

A.conclusions B.theories

C.results D.ideas

29.His heart_______ so fast that he could hardly breathe.

A.beat B.hit C.strike D.struck

30.Could you repeat what you have said just now? I didn’t_______ .

A.go on B.keep on

C.catch on D.insist on

31.On the way home, Bill was_______ in a storm and got all wet.

A.got B.caught C.held D.grasped

32.The head office of the bank is in Shanghai, but it has_______ all over the country.

A.branches B.bases C.boards D.businesses

33.Language is the carrier of culture and_______ is influenced by culture.

A.in case B.in turn

C.after all D.once again

34.Everyone in the class voted _______ the party.

A.in relation to B.in excess of

C.in contrast to D.in favor of

35.The hotel_______ him $50 for a room for the night.

A.offered B.charged C.paid D.gave

36. —I’d like to take a two-day holiday.

—____, we’re too busy.

A.Don’t worry

B.Don’t mention it

C.Forget it

D.Pardon me

37.Without her parents’ _______, Marry got married with Tom.

A.allow B.consent

C.permit D.appreciation

38.It makes no_______ whether you go with us or not.

A.means B.suggestion C.difference D.idea

39.She planned to go to France to study French, but that is _______ now.

A.out of question

B.out of the question

C.in question

D.in the question

40.The bell had_______ rung than the students quieted down.

A.when B.hardly

C.no sooner D.once

41.Quite a few popular English expressions_______ from the Bible.

A.acquire B.obtain C.derive D.result

42.Several screws of your desk have come loose. You’d better_______ them.

A.settle B.correct C.pick D.fix

43. —Can you remember the name of the little boy?

A.reminds B.puzzles C.disturbs D.escapes

44.I can see a boy in this picture, but I can’t _______ who he is.

A.make out B.get across

C.look out D.take after

45.The huge fire is reported to have_______ more than 1000 people dead.

A.remained B.kept C.left D.had

46.I’m sure Linda will be able to find the supermarket

—she has a pretty good_______ of direction.

A.idea B.feeling C.expe6ence D.sense

47.—What do you think of the movie today?

A.more B.very C.most D.as

48.In China students seldom _______ what their teachers say.

A.ask B.question C.wonder D.accept

49.Children are likely to get _______if no one cares about their upbringing.

A.out of hand B.out of order

C.out of place D.out of work

50.Wash your hands before you _______ my books.

A.operate B.handle C.employ D.pour

51.Tom _______ the tiger, fired but missed it.

A.shot B.aimed

C.aimed at D.killed

52.If a baby bird stays _______ for two or three weeks after leaving the nest, it has a fair chance of becoming an adult.

A.living B.lively C.alive D.live

53.William_______ like a perfect gentleman.

A.blames B.behaves C.does D.betrays

54.I_______ stay home than go out.

A.like to B.had better

C.would rather D.prefer

55.—What do you do to_______ your living?

A.earn B.make C.take D.benefit

56.We should not to dress_______ for the job interview.

A.cautiously B.casually C.badly D.barely

57. —How can I use it?

—Well, look at , please.

A.explanations B.expressions

C.instructions D.introductions

58.The current political _______ of our country is favorable for foreign investments.

A.climate B.weather C.state D.occasion

59.The_______ of diamond under the land made the people richer.

A.founding B.invention C.discovery D.existence

60. _______ the production going up, an increasing supply of raw materials is needed.

A.As B.For C.With D.Through

61._______ is not gold that glitters.

A.All B.The whole

C.Everyone D.The entire

62.Oh! Your new necktie_______ very well with your business suit.

A.fits B.does C.goes D.suits

63.It’s_______ unusual for me to get angry, but I was shocked_______ by my boss’s attitude.

A.completely; fairly B.fairly; quite

C.completely; quite D.quite; fairly

64.I hope you don’t mind me asking,_______ where did you buy your new skirt?

A.and B.yet C.but D.so

65.I’m afraid I will have to_______ her invitation to the party.

A.refuse B.refute C.ignore D.decline
















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